Stream Support *Subject to approval
Stream Card
  • The Stream Card is website to share your various contact links. We see it as a foundational part of having a successful channel and building an inviting community. Whether you're just looking to link to your social accounts or build something a bit more engaging, we can help. This is a foundation for content creators to continually level up their community engagement.

    • Social Links & Schedule

    • Weekly Update Webinar

Tech & Design Support

    ► From simple mic checks & moderator support to troubleshooting verified stream tools, we're here to help. This is to assist streamers and content creators as apps change and PCs get upgraded.

    ► Whether for hobby or profession, presentation is important. That's why we offer support to help you out.

    • Logo / Panel Design

    • StreamerBuddy

    • Free Stream Card


    Welcome to CGBB.

    • Tech & Design Support

    • Brand Development

    • E-Commerce Support

    • Business Support

    • CL Validation

    • Event Priority

    • Thank you note

Included With Every Plan
  • Instant access to our DDGaming Discord
  • Stream advice at your finger tips
  • Develop your ideas in a safe, creative community

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